EECE.7100.201: Biomedical Imaging and Data Science
University of Massachusetts Lowell
Fall 2015, Spring 2017, Spring 2018
The goal of this graduate special topic course is to train students on using statistical estimation techniques, machine learning tools, and numerical optimization methods for biomedical imaging and data analytics.

EECE.2010.202: Circuit Theory I
University of Massachusetts Lowell
Fall 2016, Fall 2017
This undergraduate course introduces basic concepts of circuit theory.

HST-565: Medical Imaging Sciences and Applications
Harvard-MIT Program in Health Sciences and Technology (HST) 
Fall 2014, Fall 2015
Lecture title: Basics of Optical Imaging

Junior Lecture: Integrated Imaging
IEEE EMBS International Summer School on Biomedical Imaging, Brittany, France
June 2014
The goal of this short course was to present an overview of signal processing and image analysis techniques for quantitative imaging that rely on cross-modality imaging data integration.